The GreenPoint initiative aims at creating a new environmental figure for the metal sector, especially SMEs with low-qualified workers, in order to foster a green culture in the sector and provide a qualified staff, able to deal with the environmental performance of the enterprises.

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The second meeting of GreenPoint project partners was held on 6th and 7th of June, in Radom (Poland). During this meeting, FEMEVAL presented the findings of the survey on training needs knowledge and Environment involving 160 companies from the five participating countries, as well as the comparative study between the different existing environmental regulations.

Each one of the partner attended the meeting with experts on environmental issues, to look at the steps developed during the first 8 months of this project life and contributed with their expertise in the project development. This panel is made of Grzegorz Pawlak, Director DUNCAN (Poland), Martin Roggernkamps, IG Metal Company (Germany), Thomas Gayer KWH Service (Germany), Darius Kucinski and Natalia Chmielińska consultants SGS, Darren O'Brien, Freedom Light Company of United Kingdom and Michat Jolanta Nowakowski of ITEE-GDP (Poland).

The consortium has defined a new professional profile called the GreenPoint worker:

• The GreenPoint is a person with extensive knowledge in environmental legislation and working procedures of the company. He will be the environmental information point for the rest of the workers in order to ensure compliance with environmental legislation in the company.

• The GreenPoint promotes pro-ecological operations in the workplace and supports compliance with environmental regulations in the company

•The GreenPoint implements tasks in production processes in accordance with the procedures of environmental protection in the company, as well as procedures for rational resource management for environmental protection.

•The GreenPoint works in small and medium enterprises of the metal industry, specifically garages, machining, surface treatment and metals coating.

• The GreenPoint worker competences can not be acquired through traditional training system. A specific training program will be defined for him through this project, providing him with an individual certificate.

• SMEs that have implemented and developed good environmental practices in their company, through the figure of GreenPoint Worker will be awarded "GreenPoint Label Company". This label will be promoted through certification agencies in order to add value and environmental performance recognition.

GreenPoint partners just produced an online survey on environmental skills needed by the metal workers. This survey is the first product of the GreenPoint project and is fundamental to assess the training needs in the sector. The results will be computed and confronted to bibliographical reviews in order to establish the list of topics to be included in the GreenPoint training. So if you are currently working or seeking for a job in the metal sector, this is your chance to directly give us your opinion on your training, current skills and needs to better your competences. Please fill free to answer this short survey (around 10 minutes), so we can develop a training that better fits to your needs!

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The GreenPoint project will foster the green culture to workers and unemployed of the sector to generate jobs creation.

Valencia, 1st of October, 2012.- Femeval and Fundación Equipo Humano are launching a Project that will help SMEs from the metal sector to get environmental friendlier activities and creating a “green cultura” inside the enterprises. This Leonardo Project was recently aproved by the European Commission and pretends to develop the qualifications and skills of metalworkers, through specific training for trainer’s courses.

With a total duration of two years, GreenPoint includes, beside the development of training contents, a pilot training and a series of activities that will allow implementing and following up the GreenPoint figure inside the companies. The project, which counts with a budget over 450.000 euros, and will be funded up to 75% by the European Commission, will have a direct impact in the job creation, since it will provide to workers as well as unemployed new skills that SMEs are currently demanding. At the same time, due to its transnational character, it will foster mobility of workers Europe wide. The activities will be developed in Germany, France, Poland, UK and Spain

Improvement of workers employability

During the last years, there are always more regulation affecting the metal sector, but this one, mainly made of micro and SMEs, doesn’t have the capacity to apply them. The first beneficiary of this initiative will be the metal workers, since the activities they will participate to will allow them to improve their environmental skills in their enterprises. These skills will have a direct effect in the SMEs, bettering their competitiveness and adding value to their products and services. The certificate that will be awarded to the participants will help to renew the image of the metal sector enterprises, making them more attractive for the client. 

The GreenPoint will be lead by FEMEVAL and coordinated by Fundación Equipo Humano, and will count with the participation of the Environmental Academy, from UK, the Institute of sustainable technologies and National Institute of Investigation, from Poland, the Center of Vocational Education from Germany and the National Organization for Training in the Automotive sector in France. 

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