At present, the metalworking sector involves more than 400.000 companies throughout Europe, most of them SMEs with limited technical and human resources.

The following subsectors are included in this project:

·         vehicle repair

·         machining

·         surface treatment

·         metal coating

 Green Point will provide a training resource to SMEs in the metal processing sector that is accessible for all types and levels of individuals working in the sector.

The GreenPoint initiative aims at creating a new competent environmental figure for the metalworking sector, specially focusing on SMEs with low-qualified workers, in order to foster a green-working culture within the sector and to provide new qualified staff, able to manage the environmental performance of the business. Vocational training will be the key process for meeting the needs of the sector by up-skilling "GreenPoints"

The GreenPoint (GP) project will provide:

·         A level 3 (EU definition) Qualification Standard describing the main competences and training needs of the GP figure for the selected subsectors

·         A Training for trainers Programme placed in an open source e-learning platform which will be used to train the GP

·         A Toolbox of resources to support the GP as a trainer in its daily work and SMEs performance follow-up

·         A minimum of 20 metalworkers trained as GreenPoints in each partner country (100 GP in total)

·         A minimum of 70 SMEs awarded the  "GreenPoint Company" label

·         A virtual GreenPoint Club addressed to GPs and other stakeholders for best practises exchange and knowledge updating

As a result of the GreenPoint Project, the metal sector will improve their environmental performance. This will aid in complying with the environmental regulations and strategies set at EU level. The project will also aid in alignment with EU initiatives concerning environment and skills (new skills for new jobs) and with the Lifelong Learning objectives regarding the increase of qualified staff and workers mobility (ECVET).

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