The GreenPoint initiative aims at creating a new environmental figure for the metal sector, especially SMEs with low-qualified workers, in order to foster a green culture in the sector and provide a qualified staff, able to deal with the environmental performance of the enterprises.

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After several months of intensive work, partners developed the contents of the GreenPoint course based on the Qualification Standard, already published on our project website. This course is made of the most relevant elements that metal and automotion workers should know in order to manage properly environmental issues at work. The GreenPoint course has duration of approximately 4 hours, and is made of 4 main modules:

  • General environmental issues
  •  Enterprise and environment
  • Benefits for the enterprise through environment improvement
  •  Environment control and innovation measures

The course was developed online by the Environmental Academy on a Moodle platform, with interactive contents and online exercises. Previous and final evaluations allow measuring the acquisition of new knowledge by the trainee. During several weeks, partners will now test the course during a pilot training in order to review, correct and improve the contents developed. If you are interested in participating to this pilot and to be one of the first GreenPoint workers, don’t hesitate to contact your national GreenPoint organisation to register! Welcome to the GreenPoint course!

The Green Worker, or Green Point, promotes pro-ecological operations in the workplace and supports the compliance with legal provision within the scope of ecological environment in the enterprise”.

The GreenPoint Qualification Standard is a document reflecting the characteristics, competences, knowledge and training needs associated to the new environmental manager figure targeted by the GreenPoint project.  After the publication of the report on GreenPoint needs assessment, it is one of the major outputs of the GreenPoint project, and will be the base for the training course development.

The Green Worker will have a level 3 in the European Qualification Framework, which means that he will be able to bear responsibility for the performance of tasks and will adapt his behavior to the circumstances in problem solving. During the training, he will acquire and update knowledge concerning environmental protection and how to plan and conduct inspections of facilities, devices and systems dedicated to store waste in the enterprise. He will be able to prevent or reduce the production of waste and will be responsible for pro-ecological operations.

Qualification Standard2


You can already download the Qualification standard in English, Spanish and a simplified version in German and French. Other language version coming soon!  

This report includes:

 ·         A bibliographic reviewwith information about environmental management, EU and national legislations, policy recommendations, national differences in working practices, problems affecting the SMEs, etc.

·         A survey analysis: following the survey made by GreenPoint partners in 5 european countries and involving around 200 participants on their training needs perception in the metal sector.

·         The topics that will be later taken into considerationin order to write the Qualification Standard, as result of the analysis performed by ITeE-PIB on the bibliographic review and survey results.

·         The list of training needsto be included in the Qualification Standard. The training needs identified in this deliverable will be widely developed in the training course to be produced.

This report is available in English, you can download it in this page!


The GreenPoint Project public deliverables will be the following.

D1.1 Survey on the environmental kills needed by the metal workers (EN – ES – FR – DE – PL)

D1.2 Report on the need Assessment

D2.1 GreenPoint Qualification Standard (EN – ES – FR – DE – PL)

D5.1 Report on GreenPoint Efficiency and Achievements (EN)

D6.1 Dissemination Action Plan (EN)

D6.2 GreenPoint Website: (EN – ES – FR – DE – PL)

D6.3 GreenPoint Press Pack (EN – ES – FR – DE – PL)

D6.4 GreenPoint EU Conference (EN – ES – FR – DE – PL)

D6.5 Policy recommendation report (EN – ES – FR – DE – PL)

D7.1 GreenPoint Club (EN – ES – FR – DE – PL)

D7.2 GreenPoint Company Label and GreenPoint Certificate (EN – ES – FR – DE – PL)

D9.1 Public Reports (EN)

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